It isn’t always easy committing to golf. It takes a lot of time, and energy from virtually every muscle group in the body. Golf requires a very specific set-up too unless you happen to have a home training area. This process of waking up, warming up, and travelling to the course for your early start are all impeded in winter when the cold and dry air comes in.

In this article KYMIRA Golf look into those precious hours or minutes before the first drive of the session is even in sight. From going to bed the night before to bundling into the car the next, chilly morning.

1. Sleep Soundly, with KYMIRA

It might sound a long way off from the course, but how you get into bed really matters. You have to let your body do what is arguably its most important process: Sleep. The enhanced recovery of KYMIRA works by boosting your body’s current processes by enabling faster and more efficient blood flow, chemical generation and more. So, with KYMIRA boosting these effects, it makes sense that you want your body to enact them in the first place!

KYMIRA is perfect technology for sleeping, and with the temperature regulation properties too it even helps 8 hours later with the next step…

(And, there might even be something coming soon on KYMIRA Golf to assist with sleeping even more...)

2. Wake Up Well, and Warm

Letting the cold get to you before you’re even up is a real danger. Not only are your muscles already shut down from sleep (Even if they are recovered and healthy, they still need to get the memo to turn on!) but they can also be stiff and ache despite the overnight recovery if temperature isn’t regulated well.

The first thing you should do the morning before a session is ensure you wake up warm, and stay warm. This can mean using a heater or simply wearing proper garments overnight. It can also include things like hot water bottles

3. Don’t let the cold get to you

We wrote an article recently on the effects of Cyclic Psychology on golfers. Well, armed with that knowledge it is vital we begin preparing and setting a good cycle from the very start. If the morning is biting at you and the chill is creeping in the air then you need to buffer against it not only physically but mentally.

The moment you start making excuses and wondering if it’s worth getting up is the moment you sacrifice a valuable round of golf! Of course, you need to ensure the safety of your body and mind, and shouldn’t push yourself out in dire circumstances. However, it is worth focusing, on the morning of a session, on doing things rather than pondering over them. Not only will this get your mind switched on, it will encourage your muscles and body to wake up and get going.

4. Don’t Just Heat Yourself Up

If you’re getting up and facing the harsh season early in the morning, you know you have something to prepare for. Using this motivation is key. For the satisfying sound of that first Drive, you need to pay attention to the little things early on.

In the early morning make sure you drink. This isn’t just what you’d expect; a tea or coffee to warm you up. While that is certainly a great idea, you also need to remember that just because it isn’t the heat of summer doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need water! It might not feel as attractive an idea, but really your water consumption shouldn’t be much lower at all in winter than in summer. Your body still uses all that H20 to function, and improve efficiency of many processes that KYMIRA is encouraging in your muscles.

This also extends to food. Nutrition is vital and you should always prepare a proper breakfast when possible. Something with slow burn is perfect as golf is often a long, endurance-based affair.

5. Prepare for the Day Quickly

When you’re against the elements, preparation is victory. Along with your KYMIRA Infrared Technology putting in work to regulate temperature and energise you, you have to also do the simple organisational tasks too! Making sure your equipment itself is safe and warm, and accessible easily in the morning. Making sure the car is all sorted the day before and an ice-scraper is around if desperately needed. These sorts of household preparations the day before make a huge difference the morning of a session, when you’re already battling with time and energy levels and warm-ups.

6. Do a pre-session warm-up

KYMIRA are committed to keeping as many golfers as possible out on a course for as many seasons as possible. To that end you can find a whole host of pre-session warm-ups on the KYMIRA Golf website. Alongside your KYMIRA Infrared Gear these workouts will not only enhance performance but also actively combat the effects of the winter season.

The specifics are up to you as a golfer and individual, but in general follow these pointers:

  • Focus on mobility and dynamic stretches (Stretches that involve movement and a full range of motion)
  • Make sure you walk or jog rather than just stretch
  • Use any training aids you have that work for a warm-up, especially if they can put your muscles through a range of motion like stretches can
  • Don’t overdo it, your muscles are stiff from the cold already so don’t push yourself as far as you would on a balmy summer afternoon

7. Say Good Morning to the Club

We’ve seen just how important wellness and well-being is to golfers, and one aspect you can’t get anywhere else until you are on site is the social aspect. Let Mike know you’re going to smash his Drive distance and tell Jim to meet you on hole 1 in 20 minutes, get stuck in and beat winter together!