At KYMIRA Golf, our key concern is keeping as many avid golfers as we possibly can out on the course enjoying the game. Whether the weather wants you to or not! As it gets chillier, KYMIRA Golf looked into muscle stiffness and why mobility is so vital for the sport.

Any golfer looking to nail their swings and minimise the chance of back injury, shoulder pain or other common muscle strains should be paying attention to their flexibility and mobility more than just their strength.

How do we train to improve muscular mobility?

The first step in training for muscular mobility is improving tissue elasticity, which we achieve by increasing blood flow. You do this with a warm up, but if you wear KYMIRA® clothing, this is a much quicker process because the fabric stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, which increases blood flow. We have touched in the past on how KYMIRA® helps certain muscle groups and explained that oxygenation and blood flow are key to muscular health.

Golf uses almost the entire body, between traversing the course to following-through to putting precisely at 8 yards. Because of this range of exercises, you need to incorporate a range into the training. For example there is little point training shoulder mobility if you aren't encompassing the entire range of movement the muscle can go through.

Practicing the motion of a swing isn't enough, the range needs to be extended to all movement the muscle can undergo. This way, golfers will have limber muscles that aren't stretching during the activity itself, but instead simply moving to the position needed.

For your back, try using a foam roller or similar device to make sure your entire muscle group is hit for example.

The goal with muscular mobility isn't to obliterate the golf ball with strength or run a marathon around the course with endurance, muscular mobility is all about smooth consistent movements for the actions you need to be doing.

Improving mobility, the evidence-based way

Follow these 5 steps to improve your mobility…

  1. Wear infrared clothing to enhance tissue elasticity
  2. Warm up to improve blood flow and ease of movement
  3. Combine foam rolling and stretching
  4. Lift light weights through a full range of motion
  5. Spend time increasing weights lifted

This set-up ensures your muscles are primed for more than you need them for, which is why range is so vital. If your muscles prepare for golf and actually need to push themselves to make a shot you didn't anticipate you might suffer later. Whereas, training to be able to move in any way your body needs will ensure that golf movements remain steady and unhindered.

KYMIRA® helps the process

Infrared improves blood flow, which translates into helping improve range of movement, reducing injury risk and enhancing tissue elasticity. In the KYMIRA® clothing range there are garments to cover the whole body, so it doesn’t matter if you’re working on upper, mid or lower body mobility, we’ve got you covered. Being a golfer you're in the fortunate position in which no one muscle is more important than many others, so feel free to train any of those routines as they will all help your sessions.

KYMIRA® technology has helped athletes win world and Olympic titles. It helps to enhance the performances of athletes from a huge range of sports. It could help you too.

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