KYMIRA Golf are committed to keeping golfers healthy, performing at maximum and most importantly outside on the course as many days as possible! Your body does a lot for you when you exert yourself in this way, and KYMIRA Infrared Technology helps your natural processes.

In this article we look into the specific benefit of Nitric Oxide Production. We will explain what the molecule is and how it interacts with your body, and then show you how KYMIRA Golf gear is designed to help your sessions using this knowledge.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a molecule with wide-ranging physiological and athletic benefits. These benefits include vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels), which helps to improve blood flow, therefore enhancing oxygen delivery and removal of exercise-induced waste products. This has a beneficial effect on endurance, power output and mobility. Nitric Oxide also improves soft tissue healing and recovery.

Vasodilation is known to reduce blood pressure as well, which can have a profound effect on many pre-existing conditions separate to the exertion of the golf course!

In our article on Muscular Mobility as well as our overview on Muscle Strain KYMIRA Golf asserted the importance of oxygenation and blood flow. Nitric Oxide is a key facilitator of these effects. Your body is constantly regulating itself at a rate different from person to person, but Nitric Oxide generation is a variable that we can take more control over, help our bodies achieve.

What are the effects of Nitric Oxide on Golf?

Nitric Oxide, being a molecule that can effect blood flow and regulation, has a variety of tangible effects on exercise. In terms of endurance and longevity while exercising Nitric Oxide can increase your maximum threshold by 20%. This means instead of wavering around hole 7, you have your full potential available to you for the whole course!

Nitric Oxide also helps regulate waste in the body. It’s all about flow and efficiency of your body processes. Nitric Oxide helps flush away waste like lactate with this improved flow speed. The faster your body actively combats these waste products, the less likely your muscles are to cramp and ache.

To a golfer, this consistency is key. As we highlight in our article on the Cyclic nature of golf, Golfers are needing to constantly repeat actions but with complete control over the individual circumstance. You must remember to repeat and maintain the basics while still accounting for variables like wind and grass lengths. This consistency is easier to maintain if your body is in the same state on hole 9 as it was on the first Tee! So, Nitric Oxide helps you keep on top of your game by making you more consistent.

Finally, Nitric Oxide is part of the body’s active response to muscles being overworked. If muscles are compacted too much, Nitric Oxide helps begins the process of diagnosis and recovery. By activating enhanced flow to the crushed muscle, Nitric Oxide facilitates your recovery. This can help solve issues of muscle compression in your feet after a long day on the course if you are wearing KYMIRA Golf Socks, or it can help recover your leg if you whiff so badly you bruise yourself.

We’ve seen Sam Robinson own up to his largest injury last year being a simple walk across a green! So don’t underestimate the causes of such muscle injury. With that in mind, Nitric Oxide recovery to these muscles is important to every golfer not just the accident-prone.

The passive benefit of wearing infrared clothing means that Nitric Oxide stimulation occurs without any additional effort. Simply wearing the clothing is sufficient to stimulate the biochemical chain of events that results in increased Nitric Oxide levels.

The best KYMIRA Products for Nitric Oxide Production

Now that we have seen what Nitric Oxide is and why it matters to golf so much, here are the 2 best ways to maximise your Nitric Oxide effects during golf

  1. The KYMIRA Golf Base Layer. With a huge amount of muscle coverage this base layer ensures your muscles are regulated and your consistency doesn’t drop. Your core is vital for your follow-through and rotational energy in your swing.
  2. The second most important is the KYMIRA Golf Socks. With the footfalls being uneven on some terrain, and having to manoeuvre bunkers (Well, hopefully not!) your feet and ankle muscles are vital to your longevity on the course. Sore or crushing muscles there can effect every part of your game, so protect them with KYMIRA Socks, a very cheap but equally effective part of the KYMIRA Golf Range.