Kymira Base Layer Image Glove

KYMIRA Base Layers: Beating Back the Chilling Cold

With Winter still gripping us with its full freezing fingers, it remains a great 
idea to incorporate multiple layers into your rounds of golf, training or exercise. 
That is where the KYMIRA Base Layers saunters in, boasting 
Thermoregulation, Muscle Elasticity, and Stiffness Reduction as absolute key 
benefits for your match and training days.  
In this Article: 
  • What the Base Layer does for you 
  • KYMRIA and Thermoregulation 
  • Pumping Up your Muscle Elasticity 
  • Reducing the Stiffness 
Golfing Gadgets We Can't Get Enough Of!

Golfing Gadgets We Can't Get Enough Of!

Golfing is a unique sport, and a unique workout. You have to step up your endurance and concentration, but also temper that with a calmness and confidence you can’t just conjure from nowhere. It’s this setting that makes golf so taxing and difficult to access for many. Even worse are the times when a promising golfer hits a ceiling in their ability because they are so engrossed in the power of the swing, or the wind-control, or the muscle training, that they forget to account for one of the other 50 things a golfer has to keep for quick-access in their minds.