There’s dew on the grass, the view from my local park is bathed in orange rays at 8:30 AM, the sun is even countering the nippy winter air and making the walk pleasantly balanced. With a calm start to the year it is easy to be fully of excitement and anticipation for the busiest golf seasons on 2022. If there’s one thing KYMYRA Golf learnt last year it’s that often it’s calmest before a storm! We want to take this opportunity to look ahead at the year’s offerings while reminding every golfer that to be on the course as often as possible means maximising your injury prevention: Starting now!

The golf calendar 2022

Courtesy of BBC Sport we have access to a comprehensive list of golfing events and coverage right from Jan 1st to the end of the year. With events like the USLPGA Tour Women’s World Championship as early as 3rd March, just 2 months away, golfers will have to hit the ground running (Or rather, hit the green swinging).

Less than a month later, in April, is the Masters. The Masters are The Masters and The Masters are amazing. With 3 months on clock it isn’t long to go!

May brings the PGA Championship as well as the British Masters. Well worth a mention as KYMIRA Golf are committed to golf the world over. Golf has world-wide venues, vendors and veterans! Helping them all stay on the course as long as possible is the dream.

Once the excitement dies down for the UK, the US jumps in with their own Women’s US Open in early June.

The PGA US Open is June 16th, a highlight for a large portion of the golfing community. Even then, that is still just shy of 5 months away. With the promise of ~12.5 Million Dollars on the line, and a shot at sporting excellence (and let’s face it, a whole bunch of clout) this will be a year to remember.

From the end of June, women have great representation this year. There are a whole host of Women’s events crammed into the start of Autumn and will not fail to disappoint. With the Women’s PGA Championship June 23rd, the AIG Women’s Open August 4th, and the U.S Women’s Amateur August 8th.

A year of golf is no time at all

It is easy to see how an entire year in the eyes of a golfer is in fact a constant battle for training and performance and endurance. With high-calibre competition around every corner of every month it is going to be a wild year.

However, this compact schedule is exactly the reason golf injuries are so destructive. The fact that we have seen injuries caused by nothing more than a walk on the green create a month’s training to be minimal or even halted is clear evidence that injury prevention is the only way golfers can maintain their performance. Recovery is vital once the injury has occurred, but prevention is better than cure as they say.

Think of the sort of injury that might put you on crutches or use a splint, or even something as simple as needing a brace. All these treatments require time, and restrict training. In the case of some of the most important events in golf, these competitors only have a matter of months to prepare. If an injury were to hit even as early in the year as January, it is possible it could have effects lasting well into the season!

It is for this reason that IgoSports hosts innovators like ourselves at KYMIRA Golf. KYMIRA Golf gear is protective and reactive, while enhancing performance incrementally over training too. This increase over the short months we have is vital to the highest elite and the rookie alike, as time is ticking the same for us all.

This year, more than ever, take your agency into your own hands and actively enable your performance! Equip yourself right, read up on inspiring interviews and coached lessons, make the most of every grace period you have between the jam-packed year we have ourselves!

The blood has got pumping, passion is running high, I think it’s time I go and see that sunlit dew again…