Golfers endure a lot of climates, in a lot of places. In fact, Golf is now playable in 206 of the total 251 countries, territories etc in the world! With golf going on as surely on equatorial islands as it is snow-capped mountains like the Alps it’s not surprise that KYMIRA Golf are utilising the science of Infrared Nanofibers to try and create a material that not only warms you up in the cold but cools you down in the heat! A truly international piece of gear that all golfers can benefit from, no matter which of the 38,000 Golf Courses in the world they are at.

The Science of KYMIRA temperature regulation:

Regulating temperature is key to both physical health and comfort. On one side, you will be more comfortable if you are not too hot, or too cold. However, more importantly, the closer you are to the metabolically perfect temperature, the quicker and more efficiently the cellular processes in your body will occur, increasing factors such as energy availability and respiratory efficiency.

KYMIRA Medical graph showing temperature regulation

Temperature control is a negative feedback system where your body will fluctuate between actively cooling and heating as depicted by the grey line in the graph above. As you can see, when you are using KYMIRA® Golf gear we cannot guarantee to keep your body at the metabolically perfect temperature all of the time, but it will reduce the size and frequency of the fluctuations. This allows your body to use its energy and fluid reserves more efficiently on other functions like recovering.

KYMIRA® is suitable for both hot and cold climates, with a regulating effect experienced by our customers ranging from -35 to +48 degrees (Celsius). When you use KYMIRA as a base-layer with layering over the top, the infrared fabric warms and retains heat 63% better than fabric of its usual weight.

KYMIRA® fabric dries 65% quicker on average, over standard fabrics, offering quick drying from sweat or rain. The Quarts Dioxide offers a built in SPF protection of at least SPF35, so your skin benefits from additional protection while you are outside.

KYMIRA Gear with logo in extreme temperatures

Why temperature regulation matters to golfers:

We have already mentioned the vast variety of climates and weather golfers have to face, but what about the benefits of KYMIRA and the effects of that climate actually affects golf?

Golf is a sport of precise repetition (Of mind as well as body) and extreme temperatures, or any discomfort, will drastically distract from this cycle. If your body can’t regulate oxygenation as well and fails to loosen your muscles before a swing due to cold, you can’t make the perfect follow-though no matter how well you did last shot.

Listening to the science is vital, and combining that with our articles on Golf Mindset and Muscles Used in Golf leads to some pretty serious conclusions about looking after your temperature. Not only do you need your muscles recovering and fully flexile for every swing, but you also need endurance between those swings.

Golf combines these short bursts of sporting precision with a far longer, drawn-out session as you move from hole to hole, ball to ball. This is where respiratory effects of weather are vital to stave off. KYMIRA Golf gear regulates the highs and lows to be within workable limits, so you should be able to actively regulate your breathing and in turn your Oxygenation! Helping KYMIRA, to help your body.

KYMIRA KYnergy system

The best way to access KYMIRA Temperature Regulation:

The number one golf clothing to get for winter are Gloves. Your hands are extremities, as far from your heart as possible, and so need extra help to keep warm. KYMIRA Gloves using Infrared technology will regulate that temperature difference and help insulate your hands to stay in sync with the rest of your body. As the energy of the game is spent, you will feel the benefits of KYMIRA’s KYnergy recycling system.

After gloves, your next priority should be base layers. KYMIRA Base layers are a great way to get a huge amount of muscle groups covered by one garment. Combining with leggings and even maybe a ¼ zip (limited stock left!) or some such will create an impenetrable fortress of Infrared tech. Yet, it’ll feel like you’re wearing standard compression gear, no extra weight or thickness at all!

We sincerely hope all golfers spend as much time as possible out on the course this winter, and are proud to offer KYMIRA Gloves in particular to aid in your winter season!