KYMIRA Golf are proud to be at the forefront of medical-grade golfing gear. Our ambition has seen our infrared recovery technology in the press multiple times, a constantly updated record shown below as we continue our mission to keep as many golfers as possible on the course for as long as possible...

Golf Monthly are a consistent source of fantastic insight into the Golf world, and we are proud to have been included in multiple articles over the last 12 months. Golf Monthly note that KYMIRA Golf gear considers factors in clothing that often go ignored, and we think they hit the hail on the head


Forbes bring knowledge from all sorts of industries to the masses, and to be included as a recommendation for winter running is proof KYMIRA fabrics really are designed for sport. From Golf to Hiking! The highlight that you can own just one pair of base-layers and it is all you will need is a point of pride for KYMIRA Golf



Bringing our technology, our manifested science, to as many people as possible is the dream. We want to see everyone who want to golf out on the course for as long as possible! That's why the Evening Standard highlighting our leggings was so vital. The elite might need KYMIRA for incremental performance gains, but to everyone who sits and reads the paper (Albeit digital nowadays) they reap huge benefits too in Injury Prevention and just sheer comfort.


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With KYMIRA being so focused on the real science of helping our body with it's natural processes, it is incredibly affirming for us to be highlighted for our science not just our sport. SI recognising our scientific background is very important to us.

SI Golf Article on KYMIRA Golf Infrared Technology


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To be included in a compilation of the biggest emerging and innovative brands in sport was a goal of KYMIRA over the last 18 months. To see Golf Monthly, and now The Guardian include our innovative tech is inspiring.

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KYMIRA have come a long way in 5 years, and being recognised from a business perspective rather than just an innovative scientific one, or sports performance one, is a reminder of how important it is to work hard to get our gear into the hands of real golfers.

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