Kymira Golf Women's Strike Cloud Dancer & Heather Rose Polo


Stay out on the course all day, and look fantastic doing it with the KYMIRA Strike Heather Rose Pink Polo. Play until the sky turns pink!

Marvel at our latest range of KYMIRA Infrared Technology, bespoke for KYMIRA Golf. A functional Polo with a Strike of colour that embraces style and sophistication.

The Women’s KYMIRA Infrared Polo’s are the culmination of form and function that KYMIRA embodies. They make full use of the technology enhancing recovery, preventing injury, and protecting from hot or cold  - thermoregulation and oxygenation.

A Golfers Fit:

The KYMIRA Infrared polos are designed specifically for golf, with a fit that floats away from the body and leaves freedom of movement unhindered.

The polo, with Golf in mind, has flatlock seams to reduce chafing and ensure the fit stays comfortable the entire lifespan of the product.

A Golfers Mobility:

The Raglan sleeve provides mobility and flex, allowing your follow-through to shine and your shoulders to enjoy all the KYMIRA Infrared benefits with additional protection against injury!

The polo features a simple 4 button collar, and room for rotation, comfortably accommodating the full golfers’ motion.

Our KYMIRA Strike range is made of Elastane. This in no way reduces the effects of the KYMIRA Fibres used, but simply adds an extra dimension of stretch and shape retention. Your polo will adapt to you and constantly provide the maximum benefit possible!

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